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1. Schools show interest by filling out the online contact form on the IComprehensive website.
2. Schools receive the Accreditation guide and a meeting can be scheduled if needed.
3. Schools apply for Candidacy by filling out the online Candidacy Application form and pay the non-refundable candidacy fees. 

Although we believe that most schools should be given the opportunity to be accredited, the candidacy application will have to meet the following criteria:

- The school must be a legal entity and have a minimum of two consecutive grade levels.
- The school mission and values should be compatible with those of IC.
- The school must have paid the candidacy fees.
- The school has appointed a member of the staff to be the Project Leader.
- The school must decide on a date to start the Activation Phase.

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Length: 1 - 4 weeks

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If meeting the Candidacy requirements, Schools become candidates, pay the candidate fees and can now move to the Activation phase. Every step of this phase shall be documented in a school portfolio.


In the first 4 weeks, Candidate schools develop a tailored Accreditation Plan with the support of their IC facilitator, which includes the following actions:

1. Complete the self-assessment report so that we can tailor the activation phase to your needs and context.
2. Create an Activation Team of usually 10 to 18 members, including at least: two senior leaders, two members of the school community, two students and four educators from different levels and subject areas. All the members of this team of “activators”, except students, must take the Introduction to the IC program course 1.0.
3. The Activation team establishes a Digital and Physical Project Nest which is a place, open to the whole community where all stakeholders can share ideas, questions and evidence about the process. Schools will be benefiting from the support of their IC facilitator and will receive a detailed Project nest guide.
4. Set up actionable goals to meet the accreditation standards and define a timeline.
5. Plan Professional Learning so that 20% of staff, including the pedagogical leadership, participate to at least one IC learning opportunity (course or workshop) before the Accreditation Validation takes place.
6. Schedule your monthly check-in sessions with your IC facilitator.
Implement your actionable goals and document the process.


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Length: 8 - 12 months

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The date of the Accreditation visit should be defined at the beginning of the Activation phase and be included in the school timeline.


1. The Activation Team and the IC facilitator both create and submit a reflection of the whole accreditation journey at least three weeks ahead of the accreditation team visit. The reflection along with the school portfolio and the self-assessment report will help the visiting team to get a better understanding of the school.

2. An accreditation team of 2-5 members, including the facilitator, spends 2-5 days on campus to visit the school and meet various stakeholders. The size of the team and the length of their visit will depend on the school’s demographics.

3. Following their visit, a final decision regarding the accreditation is taken within three weeks.



Length: 4 - 6 weeks

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