A simple, fast and effective accreditation process

The IC Accreditation is a quality assurance recognition to certify that your school is meeting the standards of high-quality international education as defined by IComprehensive and is committed to ongoing improvement through continuous reflection and Professional Learning.

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At Icomprehensive,  we value both your time and your growth. Our accreditation process is designed to function in the best possible manner with efficient use of your time and resources. Our approach focuses on the process with a school portfolio in conjunction with regular feedback from our team and ongoing professional learning. 

We are not just evaluating you at the end, we are with you during the whole process and beyond.

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A time-efficient, simple, personalized, and purposeful process to become an IC-accredited school in less than 24 months.


1. CONNECTION and ACTIVATION: Schools show interest and apply for Candidacy. Once officially a candidate school, they start receiving initial professional development and collaborate with their IC Liaison to define personalized goals, plan actions and schedule professional development.

2. IMPLEMENTATION: The candidate school undertakes personalized professional development and documents their learning journey. The IC team provides the school with ongoing support and feedback.


3. VALIDATION:  An IC Team studies the school's portfolio and self-reflection documents before visiting the school and reporting back with suggestions regarding the final phase.


Schools implement the actions defined after the last validation, participate in targeted professional learning and document their learning journey. The IC team provides the school with ongoing feedback. At the end of this phase, a visit is organized on-site to determine if the school is authorized to become an IC School. 


Becoming an IC school is having access to up-to-date outstanding teaching and learning resources to help you shape a forward-thinking and inspiring culture of learning. We acknowledge that every school is different, just like every learner is unique. While supporting schools to align their program with their vision, the IC program is also highly compatible with local and national requirements.


  • A high standard quality assurance recognition


  • A clear, modern and research-informed learning framework

  • An agile Program that embraces the most valuable and transformative practices in Education.


  • All three programs are compatible with local requirements


  • IC support, resources and network


  • A simple, fast, personalized and effective accreditation process


  • A large choice of Professional Learning courses and workshops both online and in-person.


  • ​A program that empowers students, educators and schools to adapt to any future scenario